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The Boney King of Nowhere.

Musings of a Suburban Post-Modernist

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Radioactive Platypus
21 November
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I am, in rough chronological order: Zach/Zebbo/Chris/CG/Minkus/Pinky/Cuddlywinks/Luke.

I wish you love.

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"Der Vogel kämpft sich aus dem Ei. Das Ei ist die Welt. Wer geboren werden will, muß eine Welt zerstören. Der Vogel fliegt zu Gott. Der Gott heißt Abraxas." --Demian
4'33", ^_^, a prairie home companion, after the gold rush, alaska, america, anarchism, apple computers, arcana, art, asoue, atheism, atonality, audio equipment, autobahn, barnacles, berries, bicycles, binary clocks, bishounen, bohemia, bohemian rhapsody, books, brazilian boys, brian may, calvin and hobbes, cats, charles baudelaire, chess, chip's challenge, civil disobedience, communism, cty, demian, dragostea din tei, duck defenestration, duct tape, dumpster kids, education, emmylou harris, existential angst, family guy, feline operating systems, first amendment, flatland, fleurs du mal, folk rock, food, fools, français, freddie mercury, french, garlic, gentle giant, gerunds, gram parsons, gravitation, guitars, gödel escher bach, hair, hair dye, hentai, herman hesse, highways, hippies, his dark materials, homosexuality, hot dutch guys, japanese, java, john cage, journey, keith moon, keyboards, kid a, languages, lemmings, lemony snicket, les misérables, liberalism, linux, long hair on boys, lou reed, m.c. escher, mac os x, math, meow, mohawks, mr. roboto, music, my friends, neil young, nellie mckay, nes, norse languages, not green day, oh my gods!, orange, paul simon, peace, perl, philology, philosophy, pianos, pink floyd, pink hair, platypi, pokemon, politics, pork, programming, queen, r.e.m., radiohead, reading, rock music, rock operas, rubik's cubes, sexy vampires, shounen-ai, simon and garfunkel, simon's rock college, simpsons, slash, socialism, songwriting, spiky hair, stuff, super mario, sushi, sustain pedals, system's twilight, tea, tennis, the beatles, the doors, the drums, the late bus, the netherlands, the velvet underground, the who, tom waits, tommy, trees, van morrison, wallace and gromit, writing, yaoi, your mom, π

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